Troubadour -Nora Jane Struthers offering FREE download of the song that she year

Hi Everyone!

I have only been to Telluride two times, but both were filled with some of the most memorable experiences of my life. The first time I was visiting a friend in Boulder and we drove down just for the Thursday show-- watching and listening to Tim O’Brien open the show was, well, it was just “it” for me.

At that time I was finishing my undergrad degree in English Education at NYU; I played music on the side and never dreamt of being able to play music as a profession. That day at Telluride sparked my dream to pursue music. After the festival I went back to New York, finished my degree, and taught high school English for 3 years in Brooklyn. Then…I quit and up and moved to Nashville to become a touring musician and songwriter!

Last year I was a Finalist in the TROUBADOUR competition! It was such an amazing experience. I met some of the most kind and generous folks I’ve ever met and the competition taught me so much.

This year I am honored to be a finalist again and I just cannot wait to see what memories the festival holds. Oh, and I also entered my band in the BAND Competition, so I’ll have two sets of memories to take home. :slight_smile:

If anyone on here would like a FREE DOWNLOAD of the song that got me into the competition this year, just go to and enter the promo code: telluride

My album is being released on June 22nd, and this track is not available anywhere else on the internet, so it really is something special. --Only the best for my fellow Telluridians!

All my best!
Nora Jane Struthers

Well with a name like Nora Jane you are sure to be a hit. Love your sound and thank you for the download. Well you are one
brave soul to leave one carreer for another mid stream. I will watch for your CD, I love your spunk!!! GOOD LUCK!!! :medal