Trees in Town Park?

Hello again friends,

One more question that I probably should have asked before now but…

If I were a tree in Telluride Town Park would I be close enough to another tree to allow someone from Alabama to tie off their hiking hammock to me?

Or do I definitely need my tent?


Trees Yes!
hammock for napping :thumbsup
But Bring a Tent it may rain,snow
be damn cold !

awesome! It’s got a rain fly and closes up pretty good so unless it’s down in the 30’s I may be comfortable. Which, of course, is a possibility.

it well be colded than that !!!
once the sun goes down people start to Layer Up
what was a sunny 75 degree day turns into 40 and chilly real quick!
remember you will be at 9000 Ft

Oh, I remember from last year. It was pretty amazing to be standing around in shorts and a tshirt and have the sun drop below the mountain. Instant chill! I’ll just let the libations keep me warm.

Bring your tent!
The trees where you find a place might not be sturdy enough for ya’ll and it gets
pretty darn cold at night!
I would bring your Hammock as well!
Never know what you might like better,
Oh yeah I am horrible on cutting down gear, :lol

Didn’t think about the flimsy tree factor… :eek

I’ve spent the night in it down to about 38 and that was slightly uncomfortable but doable. Will bring both…and I call myself an ultra lite. :rolleyes