Why is that a festival that is about “leave no trace” is there so much trash & cigarette butts left all over the festival grounds???
Why is it so difficult for festivarians to pick up after themselves???

Great questions. I think about that things that are in the big green boxes. I think many are accidents, but there are some things that don’t need to be with you in there.
We could learn more about less trash, or can we?

one extremely easy solution comes to mind since it is exactly what my tarpmates and I do every night.

When it is time to take up your tarp, pick up every single thing that is there… cups, plates and all that… and TAKE it with you to deposit in the proper green bin. We usually have one person who makes a trip with that before we gather up the chairs and the tarp. Otherwise, we just get it all when we take up the tarp.

I too am amazed at the amount of stuff left on the ground. Appalled might be a better word. Reminders from the emcees and notes in the program help. Ultimately, we all have to be willing to do our share and a little bit more. It’s really not that hard.


One of the things with the lack of a full time emcee that slips through the cracks; basic housekeeping announcements and such. Never thought I’d miss Dan as much as i do.