transportation options from Denver Airport?

My family and I will be flying in the Tuesday before and returning the Tuesday after Rockygrass. I rented a car last year, but man, it costs close to $600 bucks this year. I was wondering if there was any public transportation or some other options. We’ll be staying with friends in Lyons, so we have some method of getting around once we get in town. Ideas?


Hey Bud,

If nothing else, you can catch a RTD bus form the airport to Boulder for $15 and prolly hitchhike to Lyons or arrange a ride. No public transportation from Boulder to Lyons but you could catch a cab. Here’s the best option! If you had an extra ticket I would gladly provide transportation from the airport to Lyons and of course buy the ticket and provide lunch and brews. Hey, I gotta work all the angles, looks like it’s gonna be a tuff ticket. Hope that helps. contact me @

We actually do have a bus from Boulder, but just twice a day and only on weekdays. Look on the RTD page for the Y Route.

Hi Bud,

You could also try the Estes Park Shuttle - it goes from the airport to Estes Park - with stops in Boulder, Longmont and Lyons. The site is:

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I made a copy of the bus schedule to/ from Boulder that you can download below. It’s in .PDF form. Unfortunately, the bus doesn’t run on the weekends. :frowning:

Hopefully this will be of some help to at least get to/ from the festival before and after.