traffic warnings from Denver to Telluride and back

Heads-up to anyone driving from Denver to Telluride on Tues 6-14 or Wed 6-15: 1) Hwy 50 between Gunnison and Montrose will have full weekday closures in the month of June with significant delays; and 2) the big bike-ride “Ride the Rockies” will be going from Buena Vista to Salida on Hwy 285 on Tues 6-14 and turning around from Salida to Fairplay on Wed 6-15. It seems that the best advice would be to stay clear of this route for the Fest.

Thanks for lookin out, was planning on going through Gunnison.

Yeah, it’s likely not worth unless you’re traveling on the weekend or know for sure you’ll make one of the windows where it’s open briefly to alternating traffic. I took it this past Sunday on a trip to the Denver area to avoid I70 traffic in the afternoon, but definitely decided on I70 for the way back.

Last summer, the mudslides on I70 made things interesting … at least until the delicate genius of whoever’s in charge relented and opened up hwy 50 until I70 could be opened again.

In case you do find yourself needing to travel that way, there’s always the “long way” via Hotchkiss.

Thank you sooo much the heads up! I usually like to the take 285 and 50 since it’s more scenic for a negligible amount of extra travel time. 70 it is :cheers

Yikes! Thanks for the heads up - I was planning on taking 285 > 50 on the way there, but looks like I-70 it is!

As we approach the great pilgrimage, this thread deserves a bump! Check your route on before leaving!

(this message is brought to you by me almost forgetting about this construction issue)

See ya soon!

Thank you! Excellent info my friend!