Traditional Dance Class

I’m thinking hard about putting in for the lottery for this one…has anyone been? :huh
Thanks for any advice…!

:wave Last year the dance class was small (which I think rocks)and it looked like a blast!!! :thumbsup

Not sure if it is the same Traditional dance class

Thanks Landshark. No instructor listed yet, which also gives me pause…I’d definitely do it if Mark Schatz’ wife did it again.

Just yesterday we got confirmation that Eileen Carson Schatz will again be teaching the traditional dance class at Academy…

Whoo hoo - I’m in!
Thanks Brian :flower

We were @ Academy last year and heard RAVE reviews about it! Those folks appeared to have a fantastic time!

I was one of the folks lucky enough to get into Eileen’s class this past year! It WAS a BLAST!!! Loved it!
I wish I could have done it again this year, but I wanted to do fiddle…and got into the interm. class so I’ll be around…and since Eileen and I were friends before RGA…I can’t wait to see her & take some of her and Mark’s electives :wave