Trade TBF 2024 Advice

I have two 4 day passes for TBF 2024, but the Town Park camping was sold out when I purchased. I am seeking advice on the best thing to do. Should I return them and hope to get two Town Park spots w tix or should I wait it out and try to trade on here. I am a novice at this and seeking input. Much thanks!

Town Park tickets are very hard to get. What’s your main objective? Looking for shelter or being onsite? If you are mostly looking for somewhere to camp then I’d start widening your options. Spots will become available closer to the festival. If you can’t attend without a camping spot then maybe you return your tix? Sorry, there are no guaranteed right answers. Good luck and welcome. It’s a wonderful community

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Looking for shelter is my objective at this point. I appreciate your advice for widening my options. Thanks so much