Town Park Zone 1 Only 1 Barcode?

Hi! We are beyond stoked to have Town Park camping. I just got into SEE tickets and was able to add-on only 1 Zone 1 add-on. Will this get all 4 of us wristbands? I have 4 TP tickets and could only get 1 add-on.

Try to purchase the remainder of what you need now! We fixed a bug.

We apologize!

  • BluegrassNat :sunflower:
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Now that we try with the fix, it says the password no longer works and has already been used.

They’ve all been reset now!

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Thanks Natalie!!!

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I only got one because that was the only option when I purchased, and I didn’t realize I should have purchased two. Is the one I have worthless for my husband and I? I didn’t realize I needed two until I reread the email just now

Your Zone 1 ticket that you’ve grabbed is not worthless.

Give PB a call: 1-800-624-2422

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