Town Park/Warner Shower/Potty Questions

What are the showers and restrooms like at Town Park/Warner? Is it a good idea to bring your own sun sower/shower tent or are the showers not too disgusting/private within Town Park?

They are not bad… Cost 3.00 5 minutes hot water… Cold is free… They do a pretty good job keeping them clean… There are lines though early around 8-10am- best to get in them late night ( but it’s cold outside) or middle of the day… They clean a few times a day…

Personally, I think it’s always a good idea to bring a solar shower! As another option, there are showers at the high school for $4 during the day, unlimited time, the water stays hot the whole time, and they usually aren’t that busy - hardly any wait time at least!!


It’s been a very long time since I took a shower at the high school- about 14 years ago… But, I remember them being locker room like…even the women… As in you shower in front of everyone- have they changed?

There are curtains over all the stalls, so really, the only uncomfortable part is getting dressed, but there’s no more exposure getting dressed than there is in the TP bathrooms! I really like the unlimited time and hot water!

Thanks… I remember being very uncomfortable but then again- I think that was the year I was very pregnant ( 7 1/2 months or so) with Matthew

That’s enough to make any mama uncomfortable and anywhere!!! :wink: Just breathing can be uncomfortable then! It was many years ago now, but I remember well!!!

Be ready to freeze your Bootay off at least once. I think I had icicles growing on my hair once while in the shower

A friend of mine had come to about 3 festivals with us, when he revealed he’d never spent a single dime on hot water, he just took cold showers.


:lol :lol :lol

Let me clarify this just a tad. Using the word COLD is as severe an understatement as you will EVER read on this forum. The purest definition of the non-heated water in Telluride is SNOW MELT. :lol

Just curious. Are solar showers allowed on Warner Field? (Guessing they’re not because it’s a baseball diamond.)
Planet Bluegrass, verification please? :popcorn


Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

Not sure why WATER would be banned just because you’re on a baseball diamond.
I’m sure plenty of it gets spilled regardless of the container. :lol

You mean you guys shower??? :lol :lol :lol


Let the flash backs begin.

Me: One Hawaiian shirt… one Hawaiian shirt… one Hawaiian shirt… :huh

Someone else: YUP! He just had a shower!


i can see why someone would ask this. A solar shower implies more than water. once the water is heated and is running over a body, people often add things like soap and shampoo to the mix, not to mention the fact that water from any kind of showers has to run somewhere. Where would that be with a solar shower in Warner Field.

Maybe someone from the Planet has a rely and a set of guidelines that are more speclfic Warner field.

Must have read my mind. I think if you run the water out to the dirt walkway maybe? Would like to know if we can sunshower in WF. It’s a game changer if so.

Don’t know what the policy is but since the tents are so close in there- I would think extra care would need to be taken so you don’t cause the water to run into your neighbors tent… Also, I would think that if everyone was doing it, it could cause the whole field to turn into a mud puddle…

One great way I’ve found to “freshen up” occasionally without orchestrating a full-on shower event is to get a travel pack of baby wipes and pour in some witch hazel to add to their pre-moistenedness. They are great for washing your face before bed, getting the greasy sunscreen off, and for your gross stinky armpits (you know who you are!).

A sunshower and a baby pool to catch the water which could be transfered to a few jugs
that could be transported to the proper dumping area. :flower

where there’s a will there is always a way :lol sounds like a lot of trouble for a hot soapy shower however.

One can always do “pits and slits” between showers, LOL!

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