Town Park / Warner Field tarp line solution

Plant Bluegrass just put out their annual survery, so here is what I volunteered:

Making EVERY Town Park/Warner camper get up at 7 am EVERY DAY to stand in a line is RIDICULOUS! But there is an EASY SOLUTION:
Thursday morning, everyone lines up, but now there are FOUR boxes, with random numbers for Thursday, Friday, Saturday AND Sunday! A single morning’s inconvenience is fine - 4 days in a row is unnecessary torture.

Hey, it’s s great excuse to keep you from sleeping late! Don’t really mind it. After all, we stand in line for everything else there.
The bigger problem is on the town side, where it is not random. Going by the box office Tuesday, someone had already placed chairs in the front of the line, and of course no one was sitting in them. Those same chairs were sitting there all weekend. So how fair is that for the people on the town side?
Just my 2 cents.

It isn’t fair! We’ve completely given up on the town entrance line, there are dozens of chairs in line within hours of each day’s entrance. The bit about “no empty chairs” is totally ridiculous and has no meaning whatsoever.

Where’d you find the survey? I don’t see it, and haven’t had an email from the planet.

That’s good, and I would have no problem with that.

Another would be to simply give out sets of random paper numbers at the box office, marking your wristband. No getting up early at all.

There is a QR code in the program.

… everyone gets their own can