Town Park / Warner Field lottery now open

The online lottery for Town Park and Warner Field camping at the 2013 Telluride Bluegrass Festival is now open…

Remind your festivarian family: the online lottery will be open for 10 deays, thru Wednesday, November 14 at 11:59pm MST…

Good luck to all, and may the Ticket Gods and Goddesses smile on you for Tellulride Bluegrass Festival 2013!

Very nice! Good luck everyone.

Brian -

Quick question now that you’re not sending out physical tickets. Is each ticket tied to a name, or can we transfer them to someone else?

In other words, will we be able to sell (of course NEVER at a profit) or trade any extras to our festivarian friends, even if we can’t personally get there?

I’m asking because my brother is putting in for the lottery but isn’t 100% positive he’ll make the show because of his new job. Would he be able to just email ME the tickets?


The tickets will be transferable as they have been in the past.

The only differences will be:

  1. They are bar coded tickets and will be emailed. (much like we’ve done with RG and FF for the past few years)…unless you select will call.
  2. They will have a summary of the purchasers name included on them. This information will have no bearing on who can use them, however.

:thumbsup Very smart. :thumbsup

First using email instead of snail mail. :medal

Perhaps most important, this should really put a damper on ticket buying via scalpers. If you don’t KNOW and TRUST the person from whom you buy tickets, you’re gonna think long and hard before shelling out $$ for something that they could be printing up by the dozens… AND there’s that little anti-scalping agreement in the sign-up process- I like it!,16864.0.html

^^ - my take on what it means to have an electronic ticket you want to buy or sell for TBF40

Good thoughts on that, Mr. B. I’ve always wondered about buying electronic tickets from ebay or stubhub because of the fat that there could be hundreds of duplicates flying around. I guess it comes down to trust (knowing the other person or at least being able to contact someone who knows them, like another festivarian!) or that there is some sort of authority who stands behind their re-sellers (stubhub) or can penalize a fraud (ebay). Craigslist has no such safety, so we should continue our diligence in keeping the TBF name clean especially on that site.

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All is Well !

Hello, I am new around here. I just signed up for the Town Park lottery and wanted to say how excited I am to hopefully get to my first TBF this year. Glad I found this site. Clearly the enthusiasm is out of control.

I’ll get around to adding an avatar eventually.

Welcome Dev !
make yourself at home …any questions …feel free to ask anything !

wonder what the top number of entrants for one person will be this year. I know some people last year had 5 or 6 different entrants for them and am sure that number was middle of the pack.

I like the new ticket format, with names on the tickets!!! I’m wondering about the new (if they are new) Terms & Conditions.

“I agree that I will not sell any Telluride Bluegrass Festival tickets for more than face value. I understand that if I violate this agreement I will be liable to Planet Bluegrass for the amount the resale price exceeds the original purchase price.”

Specifically, other than monetary penalties for scalpers…will they (scalpers) be removed from future lottery wins? I believe the Phish Ticket lottery has it in their policy that people found to be selling tickets for over face will no longer be eligible for future lottery wins…I really like that policy. It certainly would help weed out tickets from some of the unscrupulous festivarians who end up not being able to make it and want to make a buck.

I really like what PB is doing so far, maybe someday we can’t eliminate the majority of the scalpers! :lol

I’m an advocate for the Terms and Conditions to contain the phrase “Anyone attempting to sell TBF passes at greater than face value amount will be drawn and quartered and their remains Fed-Ex’d to the farthest reaches of the planet.” … yeah … that’s the ticket. :evil

just wondering about how many tickets are available in the lottery for both tp and wf?

Not enough.


Too many.

Depends on whether or not your lottery entry wins.

I think it’s something like 1200 and 200 respectively so it’s a pretty small percentage of the total attendance numbers. :flower

After camping at Priest Gulch in Dolores for a few years, I bit the bullet and am trying to win a Town Park place. Does anyone know how many sites there are (approximately) and how many lottery entries there are (approximately)? I can’t believe 47 states and many countries are represented in the lottery. That’s awesome, but tough!

Good luck to everyone!!

Anyone? Anyone? :huh