Town Park Vehicle Pass load in


I was just wondering what the process is like. I won’t be arriving until Monday morning. I assume I am limited to the circle? Are there designated spots where vehicles must go? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


Yes, you will be limited to where you can go. There will be friendly volunteers at the entrance guiding you where to go to unload, and then where you can park afterwards. You don’t get long to park, so plan on: going to find a camp space, unloading your gear into a pile, going to park, and then returning to bring it into camp and set up.

I believe he’s asking about where he’ll be able to park and camp in his vehicle with a vehicle pass. In that case, he won’t be unloading and then parking out on the street somewhere.
I wish I knew the answer, but I’ve never camped in Town Park in my vehicle. I’m thinking that if he gets in on Monday it won’t be any problem finding a vehicle site.

Oh, yes, I guess I misread. If you have a vehicle pass then yes, you will be limited to the circle. Either way, the beginning of the process is similar…just drive up to the bridge and show your vehicle pass and they will direct you from there. I’ve also never camped with a vehicle pass, but given that they don’t sell more than they have room for, you shouldn’t have too much trouble.

Howdy! I can help you with this. Just sent you a DM.