Town Park Swimming Pool

I am camping at the High School with my kids. Can I get to the Town Park public swimming pool, even if I dont have a Town Park pass?

In the past, the pool is reserved for Telluride residents only. Unfortunately, the answer is no.

What a bummer:( Any other areas for the kiddos to swim besides the refreshing river?

I don’t believe there’s a general restriction for residents only, but there could be for the window of bluegrass … here’s a link for prices (fairly cheap) and phone numbers:

You won’t get far past the goons (wristband checkers) into tao park

Starting on Wed morning, yeah, they’ll be checking for either WP or TP wristbands … but today-Tuesday could work. It’s possible they might still let you through to the pool, but wouldn’t count on it.

Otherwise, you could maybe crash the peaks’ pool … just put on a white robe and look like you own the place as you’re walking in! :evil (not advocating this in reality).

:thumbsup Might work through Wednesday, things are pretty loose up till showtime… per contract!