Town Park Rambler

The last few years it seems that I’m a different camp every time.

I’ll be there Saturday. Who has room for me? :wave

Garian -

Come to Run-A-Muck… up on the fence line! Woot!

xoxo Rhonny

Heya Garian
just wanted to say Hi
sorry we wont see ya this year
have fun

I’ll miss you!!! :frowning:

Send me your snail mail addy in a PM. I will save a special present for you.

Much Love

Of course you are welcome to crash with us again.


You need the camping police after you again? LOL.

Save me a big shady spot and I’m yours!

Oh My !!!
Damn I wanna Goooooooooo!!!

Dude get her a Tree!!!

Ok, so I just opened my cooler (unopened since last Telluride) and found a jar of moonshine!!! Who gave it to me? I’m sorry that I forgot. I appreciate it and it’s even better since it’s a surprise one whole year later. :flower

Was it when that guy gave me those sour patch kids and told me not to eat them all at once? :wink:

MoonShine Momma ??
Ellen ?
Wish i was there to share a taste with ya !

We have room in Run a Muck … especially for beautiful people like you :hop

There you Go
Garian you have a home
and pleanty of Shade !

Come on Garian… Run-A-Muck awaits. There are shady spots (I don’t know what I was thinking earlier)… and there’s always vegetarian options as far as food goes.

We’d have a blast girl… you know it!

xoxo Rhonny

Hey Garian! You know you have luv at the Tiki Bar as well! Can’t promise anything about the terradactyl calls this year… :frowning:
See ya soon!

Yay, pterodactyl calls!!!

I can’t wait to see everyone…

Wow, nice, …with a P, my spelling sucks!!!

Lara and all, I have fun presents for everyone!! They should arrive Wednesday… then just look for me and ask!

Looks like we’re almost in a bidding war here! Who will raise the stakes to camp with Garian? Promises of Toe Jobs? Cocktails? Patio heaters? What’s it gonna take to lure Garian into your camp!?

We can also make room for you, Garian. Of course. Nice shady spots, too!

Can’t wait to see you!

Oooooo fun presents for everyone?!?!? Bevin, who is luring who??

Don’t threatin me with a good time!

See you all on Wed!!!