Town Park Map?

I searched around for a town park map, and found some links to some, but none seem to work. Anyone have a map of town park, preferrably the way it is set up for TBF (historic camps, rv area, etc)?



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Can I assume that “Core Area” is the festival grounds?

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Somebody needs to rethink the phrasing there :lol :lol :lol

If I had a member, I might take offense :lol

There is a map floating around …it might take me a cppl of days to find it !

The “Core Area” in the map below is the entrance to the festival grounds (which is labeled as such).

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Ya TY Tom !

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Is this something like the foot slave I’ve read so much about on this forum??? :lol

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Oh no, certainly not! C’mon now, if you really have read any of the writings posted on this here Festiforum regarding the “Foot Slave”, you would already know the mysterious lore of the late night hunts :horsey for the ever elusive foot slave. Why do you think Hooch wears those goggles anyway? It’s not just to protect his eyes from the burning splash of the Frog, those are the most high tech night vision goggles we’ve ever seen in Town Park. :festivarian And even the most casual of FShunters :festivarian2 knows of their attraction to tie-dye, thus it’s always best to use a tie-dyed burlap sack on the hunt. The hunts tend to run a muck in utter inebriation due to hunters consuming most of the bait. (crunchy-frog is known to lure many a foot slave, tho it’s still very difficult to sack one) :festival :cheers I just thought you were starting a fun new club. SKOL SkubeCrew! :cheers Can’t wait for Festivaaaaal!

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It doesn’t seem to me that the goggles have helped Hooch one bit. And the bait tends to turn them into blobs of goo. Not very effective when it comes to foot slave capture.

I was wondering what those goo piles were all about! I found several of them last year…