Town Park Lottery 2009

Hi all

I thought I’d pose a question while the board is active, about Town Park Lottery.

What happened this year? It’s been a long time since all of the tickets sold at the first offering. And from talking with others I gather many were turned away. Does anyone know how many T-Park tickets were sold, and what that number is compared to past years? And what might happen for next years’ offering?

Let’s all do our best to take care of the campground, and keep the locals happy.

If my memory isnt to off
I believe it was Oct that we all put in
with the cut off being Nov 2

2007 was no picnic either - totally sold-out in the lottery with lots looking on here.

I think we’re seeing a trend. :quote


around 1100 TPs if im not to far off :cheers

It comes down to the oldest rule of economics: Supply and Demand!

Gotta Bump This One
Its gonna be Important …Very Soon !