Town Park Jam Sessions for folks not staying in TP...

Greetings all,

We have a condo in Mtn Village for the Fest … but … would love to be able to partake in jam sesions, etc with other festivarians in TP, etc. Is this possible?? OR … does one have to actually be camping in TP to be so privileged??



Plenty of pre fest jamming going on in Town Park, but after the festival begins Thursday morning you’ll need a wrist band to gain entry


AH :(. OK. Well, then we’ll just be sure to get in early enough wednesday to make a trip over the mountain wednesday evening. Thanks for the info!



I don’t pick, but I imagine you might find pickers at the elk’s park area and along the river walk

Buskers abound on main street as well and they appear to be jams. And, a money drop case open!



So basically you can go in town park before the festival… can you camp the night there during that same time?

So Kevin… I have been thinking about this…If it rains or snows can we jam in your condo???


Most Definitely! :thumbsup. In the grandest of Festivarian Spirit, ‘mi casa es su casa’ :).



Camping in town park pre-festival would create problems for those with out comping tickets. There are a limited amount of spaces allocated for those this area and if non-ticket holders were to come in and camp there would be so much KAOS. You would be dealing with you taking your camp down while others are trying to find spaces for their camps, not to mention the hauling of ones things. The inpact on the area is already large and this would be too much, I would feel. I do not know if it is allowed or not, but it doesn’t seem like a good idea given the number of festivarians.
My suggestion is to not set up camp but to make friends with those of us in town park and find a little bit of tent space to share for a night after jamming… it is so much easier and this way you make great friends at the same time!

Happy trails! See everyone very soon.

Cool! I like you guys already!

This post screams PEANUT BUTTER!!!