Town Park Friday Night/Sat morning!!! Also anybody gone pregnant? Advice?

2nd time to festival, 1st time to TP. How does the process work for Saturday morning? I assume if we get there late Friday night we will have to set up and then take it all down and reset up Saturday morning? Do you think it would just be easier to stay in a hotel Friday night in Montrose and then get there really early Saturday morning?

Any advice?

Also I am 13 weeks pregnant. No booze for me :huh Any advice?

Can’t wait :slight_smile:

Angela and Aron

Friday night you just stay up all night. Or sleep on a tarp, in line. Or in your car. Or stay with friends in a “regular” campsite. But you probably won’t have anywhere to put up a tent. Most people will be in line. I’m not there yet and already I’m in line! (thanks Duk Tape Man) :thumbsup

Saturday morning, at 8am, Big John or someone from PB will show up with a radio and they’ll say “go” and it’ll be on like a pot of neckbone.

So if you’re staying in Montrose, you should be shooting to roll in to Town Park around 7:30, which leaves you time to stretch for land rush and get your tarps together.

As for pregnant, I’ll defer to those with experience!

I was pregnant once after a big all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet, so can relate somewhat. There’s usually a spot to set up a small tent for just over-night if you want to sleep “inside” and not sit in line. A lot of people do both, so depends on how gung-ho you are about getting a particular spot. Remember Montrose is 1.5 hours away from Telluride so it would be an early morning for you to arrive by land rush.

My wife can attest to the no booze at TBF for the last 5 years running due to being pregnant or nursing. I’d say the most important thing is a husband who won’t stumble on you when you’re sleeping and he comes in at 4 in the morning after watching some great picks and then want to tell you how great they were.

hmmmmm that might have been me. just once…couldn’t have happened twice. hah.

As for being pregnant, I guess the most important things would be to hydrate.hydrate, hydrate. At 13 weeks, I’m assuming you may still have morning sickness or if not, it’s possible the altitude could exasaperate it. Things that I have heard working for people are candied ginger. For me, smelling lemon rinds worked. If you have a “go-to” food, I would make sure you bring it. You may want to talk to your doctor about any suggestions. The year I was pregnant, I was close to 8 months and needed to go many times at night but it was a cold, wet year and I didnt like venturing out in middle of night, so we improvised. You may want to bring a little camp potty, if that may be an issue for you. Yes, no alcohol but I’ll make you a virgin bloody mary…

I can remember doing New Orleans at about 10 weeks- couldnt drink and no food sounded good…

My lovely wife is an obstetrician, should you have any major issues…We will be camped at Camp Billy (if we can find a vehicle pass). Just ask around camp for us if you need some help…

and dont think anything is over doing it to make you comfortable. lots of extra pillows and blankets. We even brought a reclining chair one year for my wife to sleep in.

You can still have a “kid’s” rumball! No booze in them. Water, rest, stay cool, let everyone wait on you. Take advantage or your delicate condition, for that is a future festivarian you’re carrying!