Town Park Festivating during Blues & Brews

I’m heading to T-ride for Blues and Brews this weekend. This will be my third B&B but first time camping in Town Park.

I was wondering if any Fetivarians had camped there for a B&B. I’m not expecting the Bluegrass Fest-type of camp experience, but was wondering what the camping will be like. Is it as crowded as TP during Bluegrass? Are there as many jam tents? Are any Bluegrass Festivarians gonna be there this weekend???

Festival Fred goes often. You should check out Rachel Ammons when you’r there.

I’ve never camped for B&B, but always take a walk through the campground to scope out the scene.

The “profile” of the overall camping crowd can vary slightly from year to year depending upon the lineup; however, even when former GD members are headlining, it still doesn’t approach the level of enthusiasm and shared communal spirit as Bluegrass campground; nor the overall density of people.

Having said that, it’s definitely not like pulling up to a random USFS campground where there’s “nothin doing” as fas a larger celebration. It’s just a bit more tempered.

Camping at this time of the year is also a much bigger roll of the dice as far as weather is concerned. The forecast this weekend looks relatively good, but you can normally flip a coin as to whether or not there’ll be cold rain and snow on one or more days. Another related aspect is how the sun goes down earlier … so while you might be able to get away with wearing shorts and a t-shirt from 7-9pm at Bluegrass, you’d be looking to add more layers now.

Hope you have great time! Unfortunately, I likely wont’ be able to make any of the shows … going to Montrose for an MRI for lower back that blew out!