Town Park Camping

Can non campers hang out in the campgound prior to the festival? Can folks wander through on Tuesday/Wednesday to see all the cool set-ups?

YES! :thumbsup Frolic away :cheers

:wave Keep in mind it really is open to the public at until Wed night… Some discretion will do you all good. Keep those kegs out of sight and taps turned off when not in use. Keep you instruments closed up out of sight in your tents. Watch you’re P & Qs in general. Once the festival starts and the planet starts checking wristbands all will be well. Festivarians are the best group I could ever think of camping with :love

:hop :woohoo :hop The best parties, jams, and events are mostly during that time :hop :woohoo :hop

Can I leave yet? - - - No you can’t that little voice whispers, it’s too early


Dont make me spank you Jerry !