Town park camping

It will be our first experience at the Festival and therefore first time camping. We have passes for Town Park, but cannot get there until Thursday afternoon. Is it gonna be possible to find a decent spot?

It could be tight but you should be able to find a spot.
Just be aware that a lot of the campers will be in the festival, so try not to set up your camp in the middle of someones path or “shared” space. :flower
If there’s anyone around be sure to check with them for any open space near them. :cheers

Thank you sir, I am counting the minutes till we get to Telly! :thumbsup

I would like to remind everyone that this Sat. town park opens up and there is a “Land rush” in the preserve area.
It is all FIRST COME for your sites.
There are many desiganated long time camps and we all try to respect these. Many, if not all of these camps, will welcome you into their camps for the duration but the entire area is open and is on a FIRST COME basis.
I was just informed that because I took a year off from the festival that I am not “allowed” into my “usual spot” because the friend that I go with will be in that spot.
I do not care if I am in the exact spot or not, what I care about is being in Town Park with my friends.
I do expect that if I put down my tarp on Sat. morning that it not be removed as I am bringing my camping gear in, many of us have experienced this in the past and it is not cool at all.
There is room for all of us and it will work out without some people telling us where we can and cannot camp. We have shifted around the same area over the years and have made some wonderful new friends and look forward to meeting many more!

Uh, yeah, moving a tarp is NOT COOL. Once it’s liad, it’s plaid goes for cards and TARPS, however…

The Tye-Dye Take-Over is June 9th and Land Rush is the Saturday morning of June 14th. Festi-Love to All!

Auntie Hope :pickin :green

Many thanks to “A to the J” and the “Cabinet”