Town Park and Festivarian activities schedule - 2009

You can get the activities schedule HERE.

If you hosted an event in previous years, and don’t want to do it again please let me know so I can delete it or change it.


Mayor, I thought there was to be a Tea Party reinactment?
:lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol

And you thought an event like that would be publicized??? That’s just not the american way.


i love the recurring buy a beer for the guy/girl behind ya or in front of ya!
cant wait to participate in that festavarian activity . . .
what great people!!

All in fun, Hippie. Just having a bit of fun with the boys. Look forward to meeting them all and welcoming them into our camp! Probably will make some lifelong friends.

Wait, this is for LIFE!?! You guys didn’t tell me that part!

:lol :lol :lol

I’ve been vocal enough about tea in the creek, that I could never get away with it. :evil
Now you on other hand, strike in the dark of night - no one will be the wiser. :rolleyes


So Hippie, has Ron contacted you about spices yet? Kimmy Jo works for a spice company and we have many things here and can possibly get more to bring with us. We arrive Monday. Actually this offer is open to all that are cooking. Perhaps we should put together a “free box” spice bin. Thoughts?
I sell restaurant equipment and can on occasion get my hands on utensils, stock pots, etc. Anyone have any specific needs? We’re not making any promises here but if we have enough time pehaps we can make it happen.

Let’s see…Stike in the dark? That did work back then…but I think we have to be a little sharper on this one! The’re on to us! We are going to have to go underground! Too much fun! :evil

UJ, move this one to the food thread! Spices! Spices! How needs any stinkin spices! Game on! Tooooo much fun! :pig :pig :pig :pig :pig :pig

Suggestion taken and acted on sir. You are right, too much fun! What with my main hobbies being Kimmy Jo, Cooking, Music, Homebrewing, and good people, I am beside myself with anticipation. :cheers :wave :thumbsup :lol :flower :medal

Bite me Auntie , you Knew what you signed up for …

well usually world events need to be well publised before you join in (eventually) :lol :lol

if you weren’t notified, then it doesn’t exist. for those that were notified, we need to start thinking of disguises :rolleyes

LOL !!! :rollin

If your not notified of a tree falling in the woods, does it make a sound ?

Before the bear it hits :lol :lol :lol :lol

It’s been updated! :thumbsup

Gee Wizz, Town Park is just super!!!

:wave Hi folks!

Thanks to Tom for reminding me to check the forum to see the schedule. I’ve been decidedly absent, which is obvious by my lack of a 420 rating like the rest of the cool kids. Looking forward to joining you all for Town Park festivities!

I love you guys! :love

Let the good times flow…