I am so proud of CO for being the very first to open the doors to all the fiscal possibilities of legalizing Pot.

But at the same time the world will be watching and I hope we can be a model for responsible. community minded folk.

The Tax perpetuated to fund Schools, Open Space, etc. will be huge and still a part of me hopes that these large amounts of revenues will propel the state to be a model for roads and bridges and infrastructure.

I hope whom ever is in charge of these Tax funds applies them correctly. The world will be watching. I know I will.

From Reefer Madness to Legalization. I knew it would be legal in my lifetime :medal

colorado has so much to offer the world, aside from it’s natural beauty.

without a doubt, it is a world class destination for it’s landscape alone. garden of the gods, pikes peak, independence pass, maroon bells(crater lake) etc all mind blowing experiences that are impossible to describe to anyone who hasn’t been.

i can’t even imagine how proud you local people must feel to be on the verge of being a part of changing current history.

coming up to a year anniversary. congrats to all for moving the human race one step forward.

:clap :clap :clap