Top 10 Songs to know for Town Park?

I am so stoked for TBF and my new home in Town Park. This year I would love to sing (female) :flower at the jam sessions and was wondering what you would suggest? I would like to learn the lyrics for popular songs so I can join in the fun. What are the Top 10-20 songs to know for the Town Park Jams?

Thank you so much…see you soon!

Wow…that’s tough. Well…

I suggest you listen hard to Dead tunes, Bill Monroe, Old Crow Medicine Show, Gillian Welch, Emmy Lou Harris. Sam Bush, Neal Young, Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark, Martha Scanlan,…

dang my brain just broke…ya’ll what else???

learn the songs and most especially learn the harmonies. If you aren’t playing an instrument then you have to ask the players if they will play something you can sing lead on. Make sure you know when to start, know when to stop and know how to direct the song. It is really important that you understand the dynamics of jams and know who wants to pick leads and make sure you go around the circle giving the eye-ball ok to any picker who does want to play a lead. It’s not just singing in jams. It’s the pickin’. Hang around a circle, see what they are doing, check out the eye-ball communication, etc.

But one thing every jam loves is good harmony singers. Man, if you can do that, it is beautiful. BEAUTIFUL.

My sleepy 2 cents… :cheers

Oh, and I can’t wait to meet and sing with you! Just ask for Jess in Fishbone

Plenty of Tim O’Brien and Darrell Scott songs floating around as well.

Old Crow - Wagon Wheel

…probably the most played song in the campgrounds, in my opinion.

(great tune, though)

Don’t forget Bob Dylan…
Don’t think Twice It’s Alright
You Ain’t Goin’ No Where
Spanish Boots

Great! Only just discovered Old Crow Medecine Show: as I was randomly watching Gillian Welch videos on YouTube (the sing “the weight” together, it’s pretty amazing), I decided to check out their other stuff, watched the music video for Wagon Wheel, and decided on the spot the buy there album! Man, what a great tune!

:wave Check out the “karaoke” thread on this forum, it will et you started.

Click here for tunes


Right, I think it’s time to revive that thread !

I’ve certainly got a few old favorites I’d like to add to the list… :slight_smile:

coming shortly from my repertoire:

Laurie Lewis: Texas Blue Bonnets

just gotta remember where I’ve got the lyrics…

White bird by Sammy… is that one? If not, it should be :medal

here’s a few that ring thru the night…

steampowered aeroplane - John Hartford
you ain’t goin nowhere - Dylan
white freightliner blues - Townes Van Zandt
midnight moonlight - Peter Rowan
Little Maggie - done by many, writer is listed as Dave Guard

et al