Tips for getting tickets

I am so bummed! :frowning: I thought TBF tickets would go on sale on Saturday. I will be sitting at an out of state oncologist appointment right when tickets go on sale. I thought about canceling the appointment, but it is too hard to reschedule! I will be sitting in the office trying to purchase tickets. Any tips on the best way to get through on opening day? Phone, internet??
I so much want to be able to go to the festival this year!!

Thanks so much everyone!!

:wave Not sure where you got this info, but check out this link for the correct start date for the non-lottery TBF tickets… :cheers (it’s Dec 6. 2014, a Friday)

Really, Swander?

Sorry, I was not clear. I thought they would go on sale on Saturday, Dec. 7th. For some reason, I had it in my head that the sell day was on a Saturday. My appointment IS Friday, Dec. 6th, thus my dilemma!

Minor typo? MtMeezer was closer than me :eek 12/6/2013

Yes, well this is a dilemma then…I know of no other way 'cause the tix go fast when the online sale starts. Last year they were gone by 12:30pmMST if I remember correctly.
You’ll have to find help @ your computer… :huh