Tim O'Brien and Kevin Burke Set List

Tim O’Brien and Kevin Burke
38th Annual Telluride Bluegrass Festival
June 16, 2011

  1. Gaither Cartlan/The Ladies Pantalette
  2. Up Slygo/Pipe on the Hog/Bluegrass Kickoff
  3. Paris Nights (Telluride Mornings)
  4. The Pigeon on the Gate/Flatterry’s Reel/The Morning Dew
  5. Paddy Fatty/Garrett Barry/The Cliffs of Mohar
  6. Working on a Building
  7. Slip Jig/Polish-Irish/Peres Philma
  8. Blue Eagle/The Carl River/Jenny Lynn
  9. The Clin Cabbage Polka/The Talka Polka
  10. Itzical
  11. The Bus Stop Reel/McCloud’s Reel/Lost Indian (*)

(*) with Joel O’Brien dancing

Let me know if you’ve got any corrections (including spelling)