Tim O' Brien Band

Does anyone know who will be playing in the Tim O’ Brien Band? I would suspect JD, or maybe Sutton. Anyone know anything definite? Thanks.

Haven’t talked to Tim lately, but I’d suspect Casey will be playing with him at least. :cheers

I actually saw Tim O’Brien with Stuart Duncan and Sutton last night at The Station Inn, in Nashville. Mike Bub was on bass but I spoke with him and unfortunately he won’t be in Telluride this year.

Duncan and Sutton will be there so I hope the formation holds! :thumbsup

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

I’d love to see him play with Sutton. I didn’t realize he’d have a set other than the opener. Super excited for this one!!!

Seeing Stuart Duncan and Sutton play with Tim would be amazing. I too hope this formation holds. Add Jerry in and I’ll be in Heaven.

Danny Barnes has played banjo pretty recently in the TOB. That would be lots of fun.

Thanks for the post BTW, i hadnt realized that it was the Tim OBrien Band, i thought it was just him solo again so now i am pumped.

At targhee last year his band was:

Sam Bush
Bela Fleck
Casey Dreisen
Darrel Scott
Eric Thorin on bass
Andy Hall on Dobro

but i dont think that will happen again.

I would LOVE to see Danny Barnes at Telluride. Not only would he be awesome to see with Tim O’Brien Band…but he would almost certainly sit in with Yonder.

No matter what…I would assume that the band that plays with him will be outstanding. It would be really cool to have some of the fellows that collinplaysbass mentioned, namely Mr. Bush.

Man, I wish I could have seen that. I’d love to see Darrell Scott come back to Telluride this year to play with Tim. Also Bele on Banjo with Tim and Sam switching off fiddle and mando would be epic

I LOVE Tim OBrien in any shape or form!

Hot Sugar,
WHat is that photo of???

Pink Floyd album cover

I’ve attempted to upload a good photo of me, but it always fails. I like Pink Floyd a lot though, so it all works out.

You’ve actually taken the words out of my mouth!!! :slight_smile:
I’ve seen Tim O’Brien solo, and he was amazing, but I’m looking forward to seeing him with a full band, it must be a totally different experience…
And if that band comprises Stuart Duncan, Bryan Sutton and Jerry Douglas, maybe add in Bela Fleck in for good measure, I’ll just break down and cry!!!
BTW, any one heard of Mark Schatz recently? He’s on quite a few Tim O’Brien albums…

Mark has been “layin’ low” last I heard. I too would love to see him out playing music again.

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

I just saw Mark Schatz play with Tim O’Brien for a Footworks production. http://www.footworks.org/index.html

It was great.

Also, check out: http://www.clairelynch.com/ Look under Bios/Band.

Mark Schatz is a fabulous musician (goes without saying).

Just thought of this, but is there any possiblilty Mollie will be playing with him?

It has been 7 years since I last saw Tim O.

That time his band Cassey D., Dirk P. and Tim opened for Yonder. It was my first yonder show and I had to nerve to ask if this Tim O’ Brian was any good.

Oh how things have changed. I should have known about Tim before yonder!

I am still excited, is it June yet?

AAAAAAHHHHH Jen17 you’ve just made my day!!! I went on to Claire Lynch’s website, and was randomly checking her tour dates, just out of interest, and it turns out she’s playing for free in Madison Square Park while I’m in New York!!!
Honestly, could I get more lucky!!! I grew up listening to her music, and I was kicking myself when I discovered she was at Rockygrass this year but not at Telluride, but now it turns out I’ll be seeing after all!!!

:hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop

I had to share my excitement with someone, I am just soooooooo happy :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Awesome, Lalagay!

Sounds like you won the lottery!! Happy for you. I love when that happens!

Should be a great show, hope you enjoy it :cheers