Folks, tickets go on sale this Thursday at 10 AM MST. Has anyone seen any details besides tge message that they are being sold through See Tickets. I remember several years ago we were told to go to See Tickets and open up an account. Then you could log on an hour before the sale, and you were put in a random queue when the sale started. The website would even tell you how many people were in front of you. is this still the same. Have seen no messages from PB.


Ps Oops, just realised that sometimes Australian expressions don’t translate well to you folk in US ( who can forget the great “thong”debate?)

“Crickets” = silence to we Aussies

Everything I see indicates it will be the same. A quick refresher:

Lesley - we use “crickets” in the same way here!

Crickets are crunchy and delicious! Yummy :thumbsup

Thanks folks. you have been very helpful. Good luck to all the camps tomorrow iif you are looking.

Where are you guys seeing that tix are again being sold on See Tickets?

Scroll down and hit “Shop Now”. It’ll take you to the seetickets page which currently doesn’t have TBF listed (which I find kinda silly but that’s a different matter) but it should be there tomorrow morning.

Excellent, thanks! I now see that the page Ive been to multiple times is the See Tickets page. =-)

Going to PB and hitting “Shop Now” DOESN’T take me to See tickets.

It took me to a PB page with a search bar. When I entered TBF (spelled out) it says “search returned no results”.

Any suggestions?

Update: So, I went to See tickets site, where I was able to log in, since I created an account when PB 1st started using them. Scrolled down and found TBF, clicked on it and that took me to a PB page that said “Enter Password” , then A PASSWORD IS REQUIRED TO BUY TICKETS TO THIS EVENT. IF YOU’D LIKE TO SEE MORE INFO ABOUT THIS EVENT, PLEASE ENTER THE PASSWORD BELOW.

What madness is this? What password? Where do I get this password? Ticket sale is tomorrow morning - does anyone know what’s going on?

Maybe not exactly a ticket question, but if I’m able to get a vehicle pass for Mary E, can I drive in and out during the Festival? Thanks for any info!

If you use the shop now button tomorrow after perhaps 9am it should show tbf tickets. Similarly the password will be gone tomorrow!

Hang in there, it’ll make sense tomorrow!

Just logged in, still says Password! 13 minutes till sale starts?

Must of smoked too much weed. Forgot about the MTN time! It’s all open now. I was just trying to log in to coach one of our old friends through the process. It’s going down. Hope everyone looking gets what they want!

Ugh–over 10000 people ahead of me. Gonna have to start begging for those TP passes immediately~.

Best of luck everyone!

How much were Town Park tickets this year?

$445, Warner Park the same