tickets in the mail?

Anyone receive their TBF tickets yet?
When should I expect them?
:huh Anxiously waiting!

I think we will receive an email when our tickets are sent so you know to expect them.


They’ll be heading out this week.

:clap Hooray!


Tickets arrive in a plain white envelope and have a postmark from Lyons, Colorado.

Well, that’s how they’ve arrived in the past. Keep your eyes peeled!!!

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

That’s weird! Last time we got our tix, Sam bush showed up on our front porch with the Planet Bluegrass Prize Patrol. At least it seemed that way to me!

:lol :lol :lol :lol :lol


Hey Useless, if I had the TP passes, I could have sent them along w/P.Bros last night. That would have been close to Sammy on your porch? :lol :cheers :thumbsup

If Chris Theile shows up on my front porch I’m pretty sure that Jo would ask me to leave for a while! :lol :eek
Hope you enjoyed the show. we sure are looking forwardto seeing them ourselves tonight.

I got mine in the mail yesterday and I’m pretty much the happiest girl in the town of Breckenridge right now!!!

Got mail today!!! :woohoo :woohoo :woohoo :woohoo :woohoo :woohoo :woohoo :woohoo :woohoo :woohoo :woohoo :woohoo :woohoo :woohoo :woohoo :woohoo :woohoo :woohoo :woohoo :woohoo :woohoo :woohoo :woohoo :woohoo :woohoo :woohoo :woohoo :woohoo :woohoo :woohoo :woohoo :woohoo :woohoo :woohoo :woohoo :woohoo :woohoo :woohoo :woohoo :woohoo :woohoo :woohoo :woohoo :woohoo :woohoo :woohoo