Ticket Swap Advice

I’m not looking to swap tickets here but just get advice/anecdotes about how it might work.

That being said, I have two town park passes but I am staying in town so I would like to trade them for regular 4-day passes (plus the $200 difference). I’m worried, however, that the person I trade to could get to town before me and redeem both the bar codes (meaning but the TP passes I won’t use and the 4-Day passes I will trade for and need).

Has anyone had any problems with untrustworthy trades? Is there a system in place to avoid being scammed? Should I just keep what I have and eat the $200 difference?

Any advice/help from the seasoned professionals would be fantastic!

I will make this trade with you, PB may be able to facilitate. Have sold for face here a few times - have references.

Please PM me - I am in Denver if that helps.

I would be interested in a trade with you! I have regular 4 day passes and cash! The best way to assure yourself of not getting scammed is to work through Planet Bluegrass and they will put the tickets in will call or transfer names. There are several options to work with them!!! Fell free to call me at 602-515-6044 or personal message me on this forum!


You will be slammed with requests. The person who has the absolutely best record with trading, dealing with, or finding tickets would be Debbie-form-Tuscon. She would never screw anyone over. I know this from dealing with her for more than a couple of years. She is known as the ticket Goddess, and for very good reason. Don’t believe just me, ask around here on the forum. Not telling you not to trust another festivarian at all. Like I said Debbie has really helped me out.

Debbie has helped me out many times in the past and has become a close, personal friend of mine. That being said, if you don’t go through her (or anyone else with a reference list as long as Wikipedia’s list of bluegrass bands List of bluegrass bands - Wikipedia), make sure you do not make a deal with anyone unwilling to make a three way phone call to Planet Bluegrass to change the name on the ticket. In the past, they have always been willing to sit in on these calls to make sure everyone feels satisfied that the tickets have changed hands as will the money.

These guys really do go about and beyond the call of duty for us as festivarians. They deserve more than our thanks, but I’m not sure what that would be . . .

We would really like and greatly appreciate your :flower tickets :flower Debbie is gold and she can give you a reference for us. I am traveling from Texas with my wife and two small kids and would love not to worry about finding tickets when I get there so I can take my kids to play instead. Can you work with us?

ROFL… Just checking in.

Hey everybody, thanks for the responses. I will be in contact soon.

Hey Sean,
I need to do this exact thing! I have two 4 day passes and need Town Park camping + passes! We could trade through PB and I can send you difference. Please personal message me and we can arrange. I will be travelling from Kentucky!