Ticket Sales

My family and I came to Telluride this year and absolutely loved it. We’ll absolutely be there again next year. My question is this: When do tickets go on sale? We want to make sure we get the campground we want and whatnot. Thanks!

this from: http://www.bluegrass.com/telluride/

Tickets for the 2012 Telluride Bluegrass (June 21-24) go on-sale on Wednesday, December 7 at 9am MST, except Town Park camping which will be sold via online lottery from November 7-16.


Thank you! I see it now on the front page.

When do lineup announcements start occurring?

They usually start announcing artists late November early December.

Ok, I should know this…but how does one get in the lottery? :pirate

It’s a four step process

  1. Put 3 ice cubes in a glass
  2. Pour 2 parts libation, 1 part mix into glass
  3. Bow in the direction of Telluride
  4. Humbly state your ticket request in hushed tones.

You will be notified in a couple weeks.

Wait…I was told to sacrifice a virgin. I assumed that’s why we never get Lottery tickets…can’t find one.

It’s one of those lost in translation things…it’s a Virgin Bottle of Scotch!

See that’s where you went wrong… :cheers

Joking aside, there will be a form on bluegrass.com starting Monday to enter the lotto.

And once again…


Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

:wave Make doubly sure you sacrifice your virgin on the summer solstice of the preceding year. I have been shut out for the last seven years as a result of this oversight, we sacrificed several virgins this years as insurance. I’ll be sure to make another try next week.


I feel your pain Jerry. I was so tired of getting shut out, I went and got myself a real JOB on the Planet!

Thanks for taking part in the 2012 Telluride Town Park lottery.

And now there is one less Virgin in the world :evil