Ticket sale times for the loyal Aussies…..

Hello campers,

I’m so excited to get home to Telluride next year. Ticket sales for us in Australia are 3am on a Friday. As you can imagine this severely reduces my chances of having any local buddies go online to help me out. So if anyone is willing to put me on their “ friends & family” list I will do the same as we head into the terrifying, on the edge of your seat, will I get in ticketing process…….

Good luck everyone, I know everyone will be there who should be there, can’t wait to wrap you in my arms again. Oh it’s a better day knowing that the festival is here again soon


:wave Can’t wait to get shut out and tell you about it…GOOD LUCK, Lesley! :cheers :flower

It’s kind of terrifying isn’t it

Totally terrifying. I’m going to be in Adelaide so I guess that’ll be 2.30am for me that evening :eek

Good luck Lesley, I’m looking forward to seeing you there again next year!!

We will be there! Good luck in the line. So terrifying