Ticket Info

Should we be hearing from PB soon about tickets for 2023?
The 50th will be a huge party!

I think it’s a bit early still but I like where your head is at!

Historically they’ve announced on sale dates for all PB events in early November. The TBF on sale date has been early December.

I want to be at the 50th. At my age, every fest is a blessing, and who knows how many more I will be able to attend.

I’m coming too. I am so excited to be planning my return visit.

Good, now just maybe we can get Alison Krauss now.

That seems to be the “General Public” sale date. Should we not be hearing about the sort of lottery?

I hope so! She has never toured Australia and despite numerous visits by me to the US ( maybe 30 times?) she has never been performing while I’m in your country. I wish I had seen her with Union Statiin, oh wow, that was such a dream but I will happily see her with any line up.

You know those performers who are always just out of reach? That’s AK for me.

They ended the lottery when they started using SEE tickets back in 2020 or 2019.

I would like to see more from PB about process. Affirming will use SEE again, how to access passwords or sale itself (this past summer we used our rollover tix from 2019 sale/cancelled 2020 fest and I have no memory of how it worked. Did we go through PB or was the initial entry some SEE site? Hopefully they will provide more info.

On Facebook PB responded to a question asking if SEE would be ticket outlet, with Yes.

:wave So, having never succeeded with a SEE Tix onsale, I’m no expert (like the goodle days :lol). I miss the lottery?
The only thing to be done is be logged in to the system, and then @ the appointed hour SEE Tix puts you in the “random” waiting line. Correct?
And if your “line” # has four digits you’re unlikely to succeed, imho. (at least for TP tix)

we miss the lottery … won Town Park or Warner Field a few times, and took it as a good omen that we should make the journey to that beautiful box canyon, a sign from the Festival Gods …

handing the ticket sales process off to see must be a relief to Planet Bluegrass, but seems like it increases chances of ticket scalpers cashing in on Festivarians …

hope everyone finds what they’re searching for !