Ticket Design?

Just curious as a first timer… what do the 4 day passes look like? Are they a standard ticket or are they “done up” at all?

They look like our other tickets.

There are multiple built in security features integrated into each ticket.

pretty standard (with an enhanced security strip) … nothing even close to this year’s SCI WC 3-d lithograph tix if that’s what you’re getting at? (the festival/setting makes up for it!)

Wristbands have traditionally been plastic, but we’ll see this year … seems to be a trend toward nylon fabric (which I’m not a fan of b/c of the way they keep getting tighter the more you fidget with it over time & I have peripheral neuropathy which this doesn’t help matters!).

Thanks guys… yeah it was mostly just a curiousity thing, can’t seem to get my mind off this and am evidently too impatient to wait and see!

i’m really hoping for the fabric wristbands. they are much more comfortable when it’s hot than the plastic ones that really make you sweat.

true enough about being more comfortable (provided the plastic cynch doesn’t strangle you), but another thing to consider with the fabric: while they’re mostly nylon and aren’t all that porous … they don’t wash off as well as the traditional plastic versions.

{{{{{{{{choose which hand you put it on wisely}}}}}}}}}}}

I had one of the fabric wristbands for Phish last year and I did NOT like it one bit, and I only had to wear it for 2 days. I really hope they don’t do those for TBF as it is a long time to wear one and like you said, if you fidget with it, even untentionally, they tighten up and you can’t loosen them.