Thursday schedule

Ok, so i keep searching for the thursday lineup… yes, they tell us who is playing, but when does the music begin on thursday and who goes first, and who is closing… i really dont want to miss ryan adams or ani… and i cant make it till thursday around 3pm… should i have hope? or not?

Although this would have been better posted in the Telluride section…
Generally speaking if you look at the daily line-up, the performer at the top will normally be the closer, and the one at the bottom will open the show. :cheers

i was worried about that. Leftover salmon during ymsb sheridan is a tough choice. :huh :huh :huh

Thanks, that helps to understand the schedule a bit better. This will be my first Telluride fest, ive been going to Strawberry Music Festival for over 10 years now. They post the entire schedule beforehand with showtimes and everything.
Do you know when the music starts on Thursday, all day or does it begin in the evening?

Music starts about 11:00 AM and goes until about midnight Thursday.
Friday and Saturday night it runs a bit later. :cheers

…and the complete schedule with times should be posted soon! :slight_smile: