Hi all.
This was my first Rocky grass, and had a great time. A lot of music in 3 days, but most of it enjoyable.

I am a bluegrass traditionalist, for the most part. A lot of the music saturday afternoon, starting with PsychoGrass, was just not my cup of tea. I couldn’t stay for Dan Tyminski, but heard that it was a little ‘non traditional’. These people are amazing musicians, and I don’t want to take that away from them, but I’m just curious if anyone else shares my feelings? Maybe I’m in the minority.

I love the fact that there are many types of bluegrass, and I don’t want that to change.

Anyway- thanks to everyone for making my first RockyGrass a great experience.

:wave Hi, I was only able to attend the Sunday show however I must say, I really enjoy to be caught off guard and hear something not in the same genra. It gives me a fresh set of ears to listen with.
Bluegrass tune after Bluegras tune (no matter how great) can get a little mudane to me and I love the fact that Planet Bluegrass likes to mix it up…

Let me add that I have been dissappointed however when I got really excited to see Drew Emmit. Thinking he was gonna play acoustic.
When instead he was plugged in and rockin, out.
Good music non the less, however I was expecting something else…
See what I mean…?
So I do know what your saying.

But one of the very first impressions of TBF (1986) for me, was when A song came on that was NOT anywhere even close to Bluegrass and the entire crowd stopped and payed attention.


I heard quite a few people grumbling about the lack of bluegrass content at RG this year. There was a ton of great music, but it definitely strayed from the more traditional line-ups of years past. It seemed much more like a line-up you would see at Telluride, rather than at RG. Overall, we had a great time.

One gripe: What is the deal with handing out numbers at 3:30 on Saturday? Come on Planet Bluegrass! This is especially hard on people with young children who need to get a number to get a sun shelter spot. Parents need to get sleep to have the energy to be able to deal with their little ones during the day. HANDING OUT NUMBERS at 3:30 AM IS NOT FAMILY FRIENDLY!!! 'NUFF SAID!!! Please be more respectful of your patrons!!! This is RIDICULOUS!!!


Sunday was totally bluegrass to me. Saturday was great, Friday was great, Saturday until 4pm was great. I know that there are different tastes, just wanted a feel from everyone.

In all fairness, I didn’t stay for Tyminski, but I had several people talk about it in line Sunday. I thought I had said that I didn’t stay for that, but maybe I misspoke.

I don’t camp, so I am not able to get a number, other than the kind souls that have extras and hand them out in line.

I do think it’s not fair the way it is done. It is hard when you have a family and need a large space. I don’t know what would work better though. I was lucky to always get a good spot, but I went alone, so it wasn’t that big of an issue.

THanks for evryone’s feedback.

Handing out line numbers at 3:30 is basically festivarian abuse. There is absolutely NO reason for them to do that to us. They have more numbers than there are people in line. The line was static starting around 12:15. No one adding on, no one leaving. So why make us sit there for three hours? To test our mettle? Hasn’t our mettle been tested?

Completely lame. Treat your customers with some respect.

Bought this ROCKIN’ Aqua RG zip front jacket. Very cool design on it, banjo angels.
What no Mando Angels??? Whats up with that? :lol

Maybe the Ticket God
Overslept …oops
remember its the Volunteers that do the Dirty work
just a thought …