Thoughts on the change of Mary Jane Colorado Law & TBF?

:burn I know this could be considered off topic, but its usually something that comes up at festivaria.

Being a zonie, we hear all the news down here, like its sold at 7-11’s now, the quality went up, the price went down. ?

Are things easier? Less Stressful? Happier?

Are there 1000 edibles?

Absolutely curious to hear it from the hash knife gang.


As a Denverite for a few years I like to consider myself an expert on the matter (haha). No go on the 7-11’s, though most of the previously medical dispensaries are now recreational.

Quality wise; In my personal experience there are some dispensaries with a little better quality, but generally speaking the black market has better quality still.

Prices have definitely not gone down, in fact in most cases they have gone up. Due to the taxes and regulations most places charge much higher prices for recreational than they do for medical. It is still beneficial to have a red card if your going to be buying from the store on a regular basis.

As for edibles, yes, there are about half a million different kinds. Everything from sodas and candy bars to ice cream and cheba chews… its an edible fans paradise.

I would say that things are absolutely less stressful and easier… happier… yeah, maybe.

While we are on the subject though, I think it is important to note that Colorado does now have an open container law when it comes to the reefer. If you do not have a “factor sealed” container from your local dispensary please ensure that all products are stored in the trunk (or behind the back seat if you have a mini van, suv, or subi).

Hope that helps!

While I haven’t been to CO since the law went into effect, I did grill a friend of mine who went a-shoppin’ a couple of weeks ago.

Cheaper? No. As stated above, a medical card cuts the tax, which is considerable. I was unpleasantly shocked at the prices he paid.

Convenient? Maybe at times, but he was there on a weekend and had to stand in line quite a while whenever and wherever (he went to two different shops). I would anticipate HUMONGOUS lines during fest.

Happy? Happy to not have to worry about police, excited to do something we’ve all been dreaming of since college, and now more educated because the bud-tenders are really helpful.

:thumbsup thank you for the updates!

I’ve yet to even step foot in a Recreation shop yet and I live in Colorado.

35% tax…

I just keep talking to the same people I always have

I lost my hook ups but I have no problem going to the recreational shops. It’s about the same price as about 5-6 years ago ($50 /eighth) but it’s pretty neat seeing all the edibles and multiple strains of great bud. Of course each shop varies but if you find a good one they’ll have premium strains and helpful staff.


Hey Dewey!!

Many shops all over the place! If you have medical card the product is a lil better in most shops and a lil less expensive than rec mj…for rec you have to be 21… Which is no prob :thumbsup… But as mentioned above not as good quality and is a lil more $$… All mj has to be in the shop container/pkg… Or child proof nonsee through container…see ya soon!! Candy :cheers

P.s. I have connections to some Denver co-op… “Help eachother out”, medical mj stuff, if interested… :thumbsup