This Weekend @ the Mish

Friday September 5th Emmitt Nershi Band $17

Saturday Sep 6 Peter Rowan & Tony Rice Quartet
w/ Special Guests TBA $25.

Mishawaka Amphitheatre has had some great shows this summer and a lot more to go…

saturday will be the show of the summer. if you still call this summer (?)

OK is it just me or do their cowboy hats look a little too small for their heads :lol
I just got done listenin’ to Drew and just might have to do some fly fishin up that way by day , find a place to clean up and take in some Drew that eve… humm :flower

It’s still summer. What is the Mish like. How big is the crowd? I hate huge concerts…
Thats why I am a loyal fan of Planet Bluegrass, they never jam us in like sardeans(that can’t be spelled right :lol)

The Mish is a great venue. It is possible to get squished in like a sardeen there, and when that happens, it’s none too fun…but I doubt either of these shows will get to that level. (though, what do I know…:lol)

Nope thats not for me than. It creeps me out when people are packed in tight even if it’s just a possiblity. I’ll get plenty of chances to see Drew and Bill…

mish is smaller than planet bluegrass. and maybe more picturesque. but you can always find a spot with plenty of space and there isnt an inch of the place that has bad sound. you may be able to see drew and billy around plenty but there probably arent as many more chances to see peter rowan, especially at a place like mishawaka… i promise you won’t be disappointed

where is it??? i still don’t know this state very well . . . :abduct

Due west of Ft. Collins…about an hour, give or take, north of Planet Bluegrass.

The mish is a treasure… come on up… it’ll be fun. And dont worry about the crowds landshark, it wont get “gross” squished.

Fort Collins is hosting New belgium’s Tour de Fat this sat… so its gonna be a crazy weekend… aww jeesh I should get to bed now.

the mish even says on their website they have reduced the number of people they sell tix to for the reason of keeping it open and fun for all… you would really regret missing these shows-- the venue is “a treasure” without a doubt and the music will be top notch.

:wave Thanks guys for all the reassurance that the crowd is at least a reasonably comfortable size. When I see us all jammed in like Sardeens all I want to do get some fresh air,!

Just for the record, it’s spelled sardines. :flower