this time of year I think about Telluride pretty much every day

So said Sam after asking me to replay Tim singin “Forever Young” on the ipod yesterday because it made him think of Telluride. The grey wet winters here do get long and maybe that’s part of why our household begins to get so excited about the adventure to welcome summer, but there’s just so much we all love about it that nearly anything is enough to trigger sweet memories and get the excitment building for the ones we’ll get to make this year. For Sam (who is five but has been going to tbf since before he was born and responding to the music even then) the way the trees look or the wind is blowing on a particular day is enough. For me, the anticipation of the time I’ll get to spend with far-flung friends I love in the magic folds of incredible music gets seriosly juiced by the rounds of email and check ins that go on regarding lottery needs.

I know you people know what I’m talking about so what does it for you? What gets your daydreams going?

I call it Colorado Dreaming…