Thinking About Coming to Folks Festival

I’m thinking about coming to the Folks Festival this year. I know several people going to the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival in update NY, but I like Colorado weather better. I live in the Washington, DC area so it would be nice to get away from the humidity. Anyway, I would be coming by myself and wonder how lost I would feel not going with anyone. Are there evening events? I’m not a camper and since I would be flying in, I’d stay at a hotel or B&B. Any suggestions on where to stay? I did see the hotels listed on the main website. I went to college at the University of Denver (like well, 22 years ago now) and have been back to Colorado only twice since then so I’d love to spend a few days there.

Basil, the closest lodging would be in Longmont, approx. 12 miles from Lyons.
Hotel chains include Radisson, Marriott (Residence Inn and Courtyard), Hampton
Inn and several others.

Hoping this google search link helps you out:

Isn’t there a hotel across from Oskar Blues in Lyons? I stayed there once a few years ago but can’t remember if it is still there…

I stayed in Longmont, as the hotel in Lyons was way overpriced. This was just at Rocky grass.
It was very convenient being in Longmont

Here is a link with some lodging options:

The Aspen Leaf is across the street from Oskar Bluew. The Apple Valley homestead is very close - definitely walking distance. Shelly’s Cottages and Stone Mountain Lodge are both a bit further away with Stone Mountain being closer. If you like to walk you could walk on Apple Valley Rd from Stone Mountain and avoid walking on the highway. That would probably be about 2 1/2 to 3 miles. Nice walk though.

I also have seen some rooms for rent in town posted on this message board.

Good luck!

So I just got a call and was told that Stephen Kellogg will play the Wildflower Pavillion Saturday night… is this seperate from the festival? Is this true?


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Will the bus still be running after the Stephen Kellogg night grass show? :

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I have my street team posters up and so I am certain that thousands will read them and be swarming in to purchase any tickets that are still left.
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