Think About It

Custom tarps(DTM RULES!), I want one with the ying yang sign or painted like the ocean with a huge shark swimmin round and custom lawn chairs and coolers this fest.

Think of how cool an aireal shot would be…

And Sammy Hula Dashboard Magnet Dolls. :flower

I want a Trompe-l’œil painted tarp that looks like grass

When I was a wee I wanted to play the xylaphone…

so my grandmother bought me an organ. :frowning:

She thought I was strange, but fun. An organ, just not the same… but I was greatful that she wanted to inspire me.

Funny how we never change. I was thinking that a xylaphone would be great in New Grass. I think I need to build a room around a xylaphone… :lol :lol Those bebies are H_U_G__E!!!

Cello than a xylaphone :lol :flower

Think about it. …what did you want to do when you were just a wee.
Are you doing it now? :cheers

I forgot how funny this was :lol :cheers

I really do think its time for a custom tarp, lawnchair and cooler combo… Maybe a nice ocean/shark theme…


Think about it. :flower

Painted tarps with, Risk, Axes and Alies, checkers, twister for 30 :flower Fun,fun,fun!

                                                 :woohoo :festivarian