They let puppies in Steamboat?

Hey! what’s that puppy doing? Paul… bad dog! I smite you.

Kaptain Karlos :jester

This was a serious a purposeful thread. Now it’s turtles. Smite Smite :evil

You started it. :lol

…and I have saved the integrity of the original thread. :wink:

Good Boooy BluegrassDustin Goood Boooy

Applaud applaud

Only the cutest ones.

A very wise man once said "If puppies weren’t cute, there wouldn’t be any

I hope you picked that little dude’s poop up and stuck it in your pocket!

The Kaptain

P.S. (Oh… my… look at Steamboat Paul’s festivation rating :evil

That’s the cutest puppy I’ve ever seen! What kind is it, Paul?

My puppy is way cuter than your’s… Even when she acts outs like today when I was on the phone with the Kaptain.



:argh :swearing :bash


Hope Lin :pickin

it’s a thin line between puppy, and, poopy???

I’m watching you! :8

That’s great! Thanks Rick :slight_smile:

Hope Lin :pickin

More pictures, more puppy pictures, please!! If I could figure out the “insert image” button, I’d send pic of my puppy. Apparently I’m not that talented. :rolleyes

click the little picture icon above the waving smiliey…after that, you just paste the web address where your picture is hosted in between the {img}http://(pic link goes here)[/img] thingys.

Got it, Dustin, but I don’t have any “links” to any pictures. My pics are all saved on my computer. Can I upload one?

You can go to or and create an account.
Then upload the pictures there so you’ll have a link. You can’t just upload them from your computer except for your profile picture.

Oh, thanks. I’ll try that. :flower

I prefer photobucket, FWIW. :cheers