The wonderful treatment of this one ADA person at fest

Out of every show,every concert, or even years of attending festivals. Have NEVER been treated with such respect and kindness than I was shown at RockyGrass. Yes I had the normal magical festival. I had the opportunity to volunteer at the west gate. That's the gate all the performers go through. So having a nice conversation with Woody Platte from The Steep Canyon Rangers, was just kind of par for the coarse. Being able to camp 2 tent sites down from Jan and Tim O'Brien, just mind blowing to put it simply. But one of the best things to happen to me, out of all that. Is the help I ended up getting with loading my little trailer. Just as the neighbor was helping lift my big battery into the trailer. The planet people (A.J. for one) at the farm gate literally ran over yelling that I was not going to lift ANYTHING. They told me the only job I had to do was to just stand there and point as they loaded everything for me. Thanks to the kindness of both Festivarins, and planet bluegrass volunteers,and staff. I never had to lift more than 15lbs the entire festival. How can your heart not explode with thanks after all of that? There are just not enough ways to say   Thank you from the bottom of my heart.     Ross