The ultimate packing list

I finally found this on my old hard drive and have begun to update it. You can use this as a :quote starting point. :quote

Now without further audieu :sunshine :sunshine :sunshine

Jerry’s RunaMuck packing list:

Tickets - wallet - cash
Ez ups with spikes
Ground cloth
Nylon twine
Sleeping Bag
Therma rests
Flashlight/head lamps
Walkie Talkies
cell phone w xtra battery
bluetooth headset
charging cable
Quarters (for showers)
comfy shoes and sandals
lotsa socks
Clothes - long sleeved t shirts
skirt - tie die for rumballs
Big straw hat
heavy jacket and fleece
reading glasses
rain suit
water bottles
day pack
duck call
croquet set


shaving kit
bath towel
lip balm
hair brush
foot slave

folding table
cutting boards
2 burner coleman stove
white gas
unleaded gas (back up for truck/stove)
bar towels
waffle irons
coffee grinder
spray on corn oil
sourdough starter
mesquite charcoal
jumiper for smoking
firestarter chimney
roll-up table
small skillet
paper plates
festival cups
metal cups
knife bag
dr bronners soap
tin foil, and zip lock, and garbage bags
compost, recycle, and garbage buckets
cubitaners for water
hot water maker
propane tanks
stainless sink
5 gallon buckets for gray water

festival chairs
camp chairs

food ice chest
oyster ice chest
round gott coooler
co2 bottle
beer kit

Small propane bottles

minidisk recorder
stereo mic
big battery
solar panel with regulator
extension cord
blank mini discs
mic stand
gaffers tape
electrical tape
small flashlight
cable adapters

needle nose
vise grips
channel locks
wire cutter
swiss army knife
matte knife
tennis balls
gaffers tape

Tennis balls and condoms???
Sounds like a festival!!!

tennis balls filled with sand and attached to a line make great weights for throwing guy lines into the trees. Condoms make great water balloons when full of water. :wink: :wink:

Get your mind out of the gutter :lol :lol :lol


I have these brilliant plastic sheets called KwicKan that would pack well and be great for the larger camps.

FYI - You can juggle tennis balls but I’ve never seen anyone juggle condoms - well …

PS. When is GLAD going to make blue trashcan bags for recycling?


Hey Ron! ? :festivarian

Did you ever find that box of bunjee cords :lol :lol :lol We miht need in June :wink:


They’re at my house. :rollin

dang hippie, you’re pretty much set… but you seemed to have left off rubber sheets and gerbils…

:lol :lol :lol

…if i forget anything, and believe me i will, i’m comin’ to you for assistance!!!

thanks for the help! i’ll need it when I begin packing my one hiking pack…this should be interesting . . . I’ll be known as “that girl from Maine” who thought she could pack everything she needed into one bag. i’m sure it’s not the only thing they’ll be saying about me though…so i’m ready for it!

So Jerry… it seems that aside from tennis balls, and condoms your list also contains an entry for 'foot slave"…
does REI sell those? Or do I have to go to eBay?

if you bring nothing else, be sure you bring clothes for all possible weather scenarios! the weather is fickle at 10,000’ in the Rockies, especially in June. :drive

will most definately keep that in mind . . . my sis lives in the middle of the woods in a cabin in maine, no running water,no electricity, the works! She’ll be providing me with lots of warm stuff! thanks

foot slave was actually a simple typo in 2002 when I typed this list up. Then I actually brought one a couple of years ago. Oh my goodness, it was wonderful having a beautiful woman servicing my feet every morning while having coffee. Can’t beat it :flower :flower :flower

It comes with one simple caveat: Better be willing to give as more than you receive :wink:


I remember the typo!! I think I commented on it back in 2002… isn’t that how we became friends?

BTW… 'tis ALWAYS better to give more than you receive!


We should have foot slaves at the bachelorette party.

NOW you are talking!! Tell me more!! :evil

Be VERY careful what you wish for !!


Daniela -

I suspect if we want foot slaves for our bachelorette party, we’ve but to ask for said foot slaves!
Well… that and bat our eyes a little maybe… :flower

Ron -

“Be very very careful?”… Especially where YOU are concerned, right? :wink: :evil :wink:


I’ve never had a foot slave before. Will they fan us and feed us grapes and wear loinclothes and gaze at us adoringly? Oh and most importantly, will they :love refill our drinks? If so, sign me up!! :love

Well… I think we could have a :quote Foot Slave Boot Camp!! :quote

:rollin :rollin :rollin :rollin :rollin

The individuals that make it through this :whip :strong :strong :strong :strong :strong :whip rigorous training could advance to the Rank of Town Park :quote Foot Solder :quote, 1st class …
Rhonny <-----has monkey feet!

No Daniela, a foot slave is a foot slave is a foot slave. I’m pretty sure the other person you are refering to is called a “Sugar Dadddy”.

Change it back RIGHT NOW!!! Gosh the stinkin’ INDIE ROCK, of all the so called music in the world, he had to pick INDIE ROCK thththththththththththththth…gross me out…

Hope Lin