The Telluride Babies!!!

Bubs, as they are always called in Australia and New Zealand are fun to photo at the festival!

Here now the Baba’s! (As they are called in Ireland)


Isn’t that you and cute little Sam in the top photo?

My vote is that it IS Kym & little Sam! Wouldn’t that be his 1st? :medal

That would have been 2005!

Yes… it was his first, unless you count the year he was doing the in utero backstroke. He always had the cutest look on his face whenever I saw him… it was as if he was seriously contemplating everything around him. I wondered if he was checking it all out and was then going to decide on the way home whether or not he liked the experience.

Judging by subsequent years… I’d say that’s a resounding “festivaaaalllll!!” (no caps because he still has a little voice!)


:flower I concur! :flower
I have to stop looking at the picture of Sam last year playing guitar while I am at work …i get all teary-eyed in excitement! :wink: Can’t let them know that I have a soft side! :evil