The Shuttle

Super psyched for my first TBF! I’m staying at Mary Illium, and just curious what time the shuttles run to? If I stumble out of the Avett Brothers Nightgrass show at 2am - and I’m stranded?

Appreciate any insight.

Hmmm, not sure about the exact schedules, but I can say with certainty that the Planet Bluegrass folks have the shuttle system down pat. Maybe you should take a bike if you think you’ll be in town super late, though. The gondola runs until 2am, but that doesn’t mean the shuttle will.

I stayed at Illium last year. I went to a couple nightgrass shows and closed down a few bars last year. I was always able to make it back on a shuttle.

Thanks! That’s great info! I am sooooo excited right now! The bike option could be interesting - wasn’t planning on bringing my bike, but its an option.

See you at the bar!