The Roma Bar

I haven’t been to Telluride in a couple years is it true the Roma Bar is closed?

Yes. It’s gone. A shame.

Bummer, the last time we were in Telluride it was closed, but it looked like they could have just opened right back up for business. It didn’t look perminate. Do you know if anything opened in it’s place?

Its ben closed for a cppl years now

Yes, there’s something else open there now but I can’t remember off-hand.

I can also tell you that Floradora is back. Brown Dog moved down the road. The Last Dollar Saloon changed owners. BJ’s Bluegrass Cafe has been about 5 things since then…I think it’s Jack’s Place now. That’s all I remember offhand.

Floradora is still Upscale ?
Last Buck …damn cant remember the last owners name …

Wow, it’s only been a couple years since I was last able to go to the festival.
Sorry to here the Roma is gone, they had great pizza / food.

Is the Roma the place where you’d go downstairs to the bar? If so, I had a very nice sushi dinner there last year… not the same as pizza and beer, I know… but it was damn good!

Roma is now Honga’s Sushi. VERRRRY Tasty!