The Passing of Warren Hellman

The Accustic Music world is saddened by the passing of Warren Hellman yesterday at the age of 77 from Leukemia. For the last several years many Festivarians on the list have made the trip to San Francisco for the incredible Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival. We will miss Warren, and hopw that his wishes are taken to heart with the continuation of his great festival. Thank you Warren for all you did for Blusgrass Music on teh west coast. RIP!

:thumbsup So cool they renamed the meadow “Hellman Hollow” before he died. :flower

Family members say that Hellman has endowed the festival for 15 years after his death. “I know that next year we will have one fuck of a festival,” said Holliday.
Source: The Bay Citizen (

Would sooo like to make my second trip (2009) next year… :cheers