The Palm nightgrass beverage situation

This is my first Nightgrass. Can you get a drink during Nightgrass at the Palm?

I believe so. Last year, The Planet was able to get a special liquor license for The Palm, even though it’s in the high school. I would assume that they did it again. Dustin, Brian, am I correct?

They were selling Booze for the TBT show last year! :cheers

Yes, they will … and I consider it another example of hypocrisy in Telluride politics. The Hotel Telluride was given the most difficult time regarding a liquor license due to their proximity to the school … yet the Palm was given a special use permit of sorts for special events. The Palm was also given a significant height variance to it’s fly tower (above stage). Certain special interests, perhaps Film Fest, may have wanted their cake and to eat it too.

I can’t speak to the town politics…but the High School will once again have a special permit for alcohol sales at the shows.

Sorry about the rant Dustin, didn’t mean to implicate or point fingers at Bluegrass … mostly of a town issue.