The Moon

Did you know the moon turns full during the Yonder kickoff?


and there will be howling

There will be a total lunar eclipse on June 15th, but we won’t be able to see it…just saying… :cheers

:sunshine :sunshine :sunshine :sunshine

:thumbsup Followed by four more days of weather (and nights of moon) for FESTIVAAAAAAL! :thumbsup

The next full moon will be viewed from festival…howl. :cheers


howling indeed Gemini full moon may we all speak our truth and be happy star dust!

I did not know this :abduct

I still don’t. :wink:

its all rocket surgery, :geek just keep at it! it’ll sink in

Found this on my home page this morning and came down with a pretty good case of the giggles.

Moon Phase for Telluride, Colorado
Moon Rise: 8:23 AM MDT
Moon Set: 11:01 PM MDT
Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent
8% Illuminated